HIPAA certified

Blockchain Enabled Chat Platform


The client reached out to us with a need of implementing a chat platform that can be accessed by the hospital doctors and admin team to communicate critical patient information and other OPD details. The platform will be used to send documents that need to be tamper proof and was expected to provide evidence if it underwent any changes.

The client had an idea, but they needed a technical partner:

1Who could work in tandem with them to brainstorm, plan, design, develop, and implement such a robust platform along with all the features they’ve envisaged.
2With the capacity to scale up resources as their product grows and evolves in the future Enter Entrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
HIPAA certified Blockchain Enabled Chat Platform

Quick view dashboard for simplified Enabling scalability and minimizing service

Quick view dashboard for simplified Enabling scalability and minimizing service

ai-enabled digital debate platform
ai-enabled digital debate platform

Quick view dashboard for simplified Enabling scalability and minimizing service


Our team took a systematic approach
with the following key steps

chat design

Chat design with a focus on preserving privacy

The design focuses on ensuring every data and conversation is encrypted in transit and also in rest. The sockets are designed to decrypt a chat message only in the client using an asymmetric key with the public key held by the hospital and the private key stored in the user’s device.

Architecture design

Architecture design to ensure scalability

The architecture uses a combination of micro-frontend, micro-services, sockets deployed and managed using docker and orchestrated using a cloud based API gateway.

chat design

Immutability of documents and records

To ensure immutability of records and to ensure non-tamerability; an IPFS server was deployed as a private gateway (without any public replication). IPFS ensures every content is written as a hash and at any point of tampering the records, the hash for the file is re-written but it does not change the source. This helps the hospital preserve its files, ensure no duplicate files are created and prevents tampering of records.

Technology Stack and Architecture



The technology stack chosen consisted of various technologies such as NodeJs for frontend, SignalR for the sockets, ASP .Net Core for the backend, Docker and Kubernetes for handling containers and orchestration, Azure API gateway for API orchestration and Azure AD for authentication The blockchain uses a combination of Kafka queues and an IPFS cluster deployed as a private gateway. The IPFS cluster was designed to handle recovery.
dot net
Azure DevOps



Secure, Private and non-tamperable chat-document ecosystem was created


The whole system was launched in less than 3 months


Seamless user experience and intuitive interface.


Clear documentation was provided


Entrans continues to provide complete support and maintenance of the application to ensure a high-quality user experience.

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