Revolutionary Digital Debate Platform


The client reached out to us with a clear vision in mind – an intuitive, smart, and AI-proctoring-enabled debate platform. The project focused on developing a highly scalable social platform where users can connect with other users, invite people on the platform, and debate on a topic through real-time live-streaming along with an AI-powered live proctoring to detect and report foul language on the platform.

On the other hand, viewers can upvote, downvote, add comments, view win or lose predictability, and based on the total tally of votes, a winner will be declared.

The client had an idea, but they needed a technical partner:
1Who could work in tandem with them to brainstorm, plan, design, develop, and implement such a robust platform along with all the features they’ve envisaged.
2With the capacity to scale up resources as their product grows and evolves in the future

Quick view dashboard for simplified Enabling scalability and minimizing service

Quick view dashboard for simplified Enabling scalability and minimizing service

Quick view dashboard for simplified Enabling scalability and minimizing service


Our Team Took a Systematic Approach
with the following key steps


Entrans assigned a Business Consultant, a UX Analyst, and a Technical Architect who collaborated with the client to clearly identify and document the scope of the project.

The Business Consultant created an Excel document entailing functional and non-functional requirements with user stories and the design team produced a complete collection of screen mockups explaining the user flow on Zeplin.

Entrans then received the client’s buy-in to move forward with the development.

Technology Consulting

The technical architect worked with the business consultant and the client to determine the apt technology and procedures.

The technology stack and third-party integrations were identified considering horizontal scalability, security, and privacy of operation, costing along with the platform, database, and server requirements. 

Technology Stack and Architecture



Azure DevOps
AWS CI/CD Pipelines
AWS CI/CD Pipelines

The technology stack chosen consisted of various technologies such as React JS for frontend, Node JS for backend, python for machine learning, AWS for cloud storage, and Vonage for live video streaming.



Entrans delivered the product along with all project deliverables successfully in less than 4 months.


Seamless user experience and intuitive interface.


Clear documentation was provided to the client.


Entrans continues to provide complete support and maintenance of the application to ensure a high-quality user experience.

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