Managed IT Support
& Maintenance

Managed IT Support & Maintenance

Changing the way the world lives and works

Effortlessly manage technical issues and swiftly adapt to changes in the digital landscape while keeping your core team focused on service with our advanced post launch support and maintenance services.

Why You Need Maintenance & Support Services

Performance Testing

Adapt to changing business requirements, market trends, and evolving economic conditions

Usability Testing

Stay up to date & relevant with the latest technologies, OS, regulations, policies, and practices.

Compatibility testing

Never-ending performance issues, bug fixes, technical glitches

Security Testing

Integrate your platform with other systems or tools

Functional Testing

Constant need of support and maintenance

Apps we support and maintain

Web Apps

Web Apps

Cloud apps & SaaS

Cloud apps & SaaS

database apps

Database apps

Mobile Apps.svg

Mobile Apps

AR/VR apps

AR/VR apps

Desktop apps

Desktop apps

What We Do Our Offerings

Technical Support

At Entrans, we offer two levels (L2 &L3) of support:

Level 1 Support (8/7)

Our L1 services cover:

  • Basic support and troubleshooting
  • System availability and performance monitoring
  • Back-office activities: modifying accounts, password resets, communication with end users

Level 2 Support (8/7)

When necessary, our L1 engineers escalate
tickets to Level 2 support for:

  • Configure servers
  • Optimizing software installation
  • Deploy systems
  • Move IT infrastructure to the cloud

Level 3 Support (8/7)

Here we cover complex tech issues:

  • Bug fixes
  • System compliance checks
  • New feature enhancements/additions
  • Updating legacy code with modern technologies
Product Improvement

Product Improvement, Enhancements & Reconfiguration

With the help of our support services, introduce new functionalities, basic feature enhancements, and additions to cater to changing business needs and user expectations.

Bug Eradication & Glitch Removal

Get a wide range of bug fixing and maintenance services to ensure that the delivered solution or system runs smoothly and seamlessly without any bugs or performance issues.

Transfer Duties
Transfer Duties to Our Lean Team of Experienced Professionals

Let your in-house team stay engaged with your core business, while we take care of your IT infrastructure as we provide after-hours support, for those unforeseen circumstances.

Tools and Frameworks used


Bug Tickets and SLA/Priority based resolution.

Tools used



Knowledge Documents and Issue Redressal Method documentation

Support Calls

Avaya, Zoom, Hangouts, etc.

Tools used


* The choice of the tool solely depends on the client’s preference

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What You Get From Our Maintenance & Support Services

Affordability & cost-effectiveness

Affordability & cost-effectiveness

Choose the maintenance and support services that fits your budget best and resolve issues effectively in an affordable manner.

Exceptional Reputation

Exceptional Reputation & Reliability

Work with a highly professional, well-trained team with vetted experience familiar with advanced technologies, tools, frameworks, and procedures.



Our processes are built to ensure 100% transparency so that you know exactly what is happening at which stage of the project.

Customized strategy

Customized strategy & Result-driven Approach

Get bespoke maintenance services tailored exactly as per your business needs, domain, budget, and expectations.