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We, at Entrans Technologies, take immense pride in our reputation for being known to provide world-class testing services (manual and automation) consisting of innovative techniques, expert quality engineers, and time-tested methodologies.

Innovative & Robust Testing Approach

All the testing services provided by us are 100% aligned with your business requirements.



well structured

Well Structured

Demonstrated industry  standards

Demonstrated Industry Standards

Testing Expertise

Our fervent team of experienced quality engineers are specialized in providing stellar quality assurance and testing services across a wide range of platforms such as mobile, desktop, cloud, and web, leveraging both manual and automation testing.

Take a look at our testing range:

Websites &
Web Apps

End-to-end validation of smooth functioning, stability, and security of your web solutions even with diverse tech and architectural complexity.

Websites &  Web apps

Mobile Apps

With our best-in-class mobile application testing services, we strive to test all the functional and non-functional aspects of your mobile app

Mobile apps

Desktop Apps

We deliver high-quality user experiences on desktop applications even the ones with custom controls and dynamic pages, irrespective of the OS.

Desktop apps

Cloud Software

Entrans Technologies finds potential challenges and recommends improvements in every cloud deployment model – public, private, or hybrid.

Cloud Software

Smart Contract

Entrans helps analyze your smart contracts for any potential issues and even helps automate the testing process.

Smart Contract Testing

Our QA & Testing Process

Our QA & Testing Process
Our QA & Testing Process

Testing Solutions
We Offers

Functional Testing

Functional Testing

We will validate the software system against all the functional requirements and performance metrics mentioned in the scope. It is done to verify if the functionalities of an application or system are behaving as expected or not.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

We gather all tests that verify an application’s speed, robustness, reliability, and stability under a particular workload by examining several indicators such as a browser, page and network response times, server query processing time, number of acceptable concurrent users architected, CPU memory consumption, etc.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing

At Entrans, we evaluate your product with real people and real-time interaction scenarios to get actionable insights to create better user experiences. The goal is to learn if your design is usable and intuitive enough for users to accomplish their goals.

Compatibility testing

Compatibility Testing

We overview how well your product performs across different browsers, databases, operating systems (OS), mobile devices, networks, and hardware to make sure it is capable of full platform-agnostic operation under varied circumstances.

Security Testing

Security Testing

We leverage Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) to identify and uncover loopholes, threats, risks, and vulnerabilities within a target environment to check whether it is vulnerable to cyber-attacks and test the impact of malicious or unexpected inputs on its operations.

Faster releases. Fewer failures. Lower costs.

Leverage our automation testing services to improve
your business efficiency

Automation Testing Services

Automate your traditional laborious testing processes and accelerate product delivery without compromising its quality. Partner with us to achieve enhanced speed, and impeccable performance, with maximum coverage.

Regression testing

Regression testing

Smoke  testing

Smoke testing

Repetitive  testing

Repetitive testing

Unit  testing

Unit testing

Sanity testing

Sanity testing

Integration  testing

Integration testing

Data-driven  testing

Data-driven testing

localization testing

Localization testing

Our expertise in Automation Testing Tools

Automation Testing Tools
Automation Testing Tools